Shape Up & Salsacise DVD


A highly motivational dance and toning programme that will burn fat and tone you up like no other fitness programme!

The two Salsacise sessions are tremendous fun as well as fabulous fat burners and the two Ten Minute Tone Ups are designed to achieve maximum effect in minimum time.

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This is a highly motivational dance and toning programme and you’ll love what this programme does for your body!

Contains four sections, each a workout in itself:

  • Latin Combos – An easier salsacise routine to teach you the steps. Ideal if you’ve never salsacised before.
  • Let’s Salsacise –  A great fat burner and high energy workout that will get you slimmer and fitter in no time!
  • Ten Minute Tone Up – Upper Body & Abs. Get the upper body, arms and waist you always wanted!
  • Ten Minute Tone Up – Hips & Thighs. Transform your shape in just 10 minutes a day using a resistance band or weights.


Running time 92 mins
Choreography by Mary Morris MSc.
Aspect ratio 16:9
First published 2005

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