Dress to Flatter your Figure


Learning to dress for your body shape, whether you are a pear, apple, heart, or any other shape, is a useful skill. As we mature, dressing appropriately and in a flattering style for our figure shape can make us look years younger. Here’s some tips to make the best of yourself.

How to dress for a Heart shape body

Rosemary explains the secrets of dressing a Heart shaped figure to enhance those slim arms and lovely legs and bring a larger bust into proportion.

How to dress for an Apple shape body

Rosemary explains how to flatter an Apple shaped figure, making the most of your best features and minimising those areas you would rather hide.

How to dress for a Pear shape body

Rosemary explains how to dress to emphasise your slim waist and draw the eye away from your hips and thighs.

How to camouflage those body parts you would like to hide

Sometimes we just want to be comfortable so here Rosemary explains how to find something that will camouflage our lumps and bumps whilst still helping us to look elegant.

Shoes to enhance your look

Everyone loves shoes but which shoes will make you look taller and your legs look longer and which are the styles to avoid? Rosemary offers some advice.

Fashion Trainers

After spending so much time at home in recent months, many of us are wearing trainers much more. Rosemary explains why she is a fan of the brand ‘Skechers’ as they are fashionable and are super-comfortable as well as practical!