Basic Nutrition

These videos offer a simple guide to eating healthily whilst helping you to lose a few lbs and feel younger as a result of good nutrition. It also explains why carbs and proteins are essential for good health and where we can find other important nutrients.

Eating Healthily for Ever

We all want to live longer and looking after our health and nutrition is fundamental to our success.

Healthy Eating – An overview of Food Groups

Rosemary gives an overview of different food groups including protein, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, fats, drinks, sugars.

Why Being Overweight is Harmful as we Age

Rosemary explains why carrying excess weight can seriously affect our health and mobility as we get older.

How to Lose Weight

Here Rosemary explains how we lose weight and how we can speed up our weight-loss.

Why soups are super healthy

Soups are especially good for us as they keep us feeling fuller for longer but they do much more than that.

Motivation – having a goal

We all need a goal to motivate us into action and to stay focussed.