Good Nutrition


Eating well is the key to good health. Here we explain how to eat well, eat healthily and understand which foods offer the best nutrition.

Eat Healthily Forever

We all want to live longer and looking after our health and nutrition is fundamental to our success.

Healthy Eating – An overview of Food Groups

Rosemary gives an overview of different food groups including protein, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, fats, drinks, sugars.

Healthy Eating – Vegetables

Vegetables are good for our immune system, low in calories, high in nutrition and fibre. Find out how to enjoy them cooked or raw.

Carbohydrates can be your Friend

Rosemary talks about the best carbohydrates for healthy eating.

Fibre Rich Foods

Fibre is vitally important for our gut health and boosts our immune system. Here we discuss a selection of fibre-rich foods. They also aid weight loss.

Low Gi Foods

Rosemary explains which foods are lower on the Glycemic Index which means they will keep you fuller for longer and avoid the sudden surge and crash of energy which can sometimes occur if we consume foods containing too much sugar.


Rosemary talks about potatoes.

Calories in Potatoes

Rosemary talks about the calories in different types of potato.

Sweet Potato

Rosemary talks about her love affair with a sweet potato.

Which is the healthiest rice?

Rosemary talks about which kind of rice keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Portion Control for Rice

Rosemary talks about using Portion Pots® for rice.

Rice Salad

Rosemary talks about a different way to use rice.


Rosemary talks about different kinds of bread.

Alternatives to Spread on your Bread

Rosemary talks about alternatives to buttering your bread!


Rosemary talks about pasta portions!

Pasta Sauces

Rosemary talks about what to put on your pasta.


Rosemary explains the variations of some of the fresh and dried herbs she uses in the healthy recipes found on this website.

Why Soups are Super Healthy!

Soups are especially good for us as they keep us feeling fuller for longer and help us lose weight but they do much more than that.

Easy Guide to Immunity Boosting Foods

Understanding which foods are good for your gut and support your immune system.

Live Yogurt andf Kefir

Rosemary talks about the health benefits of including natural live yogurt and kefir into your diet. Kefir is a fermented milk drink similar to a thin yogurt, which can be used as it is or by adding a spoonful or two to other products.

Breakfast Cereal

Rosemary talks about healthy breakfast cereals.

Breakfast Cereal Portion Control

Rosemary talks about controlling those portions of her favourite cereal.

Breakfast Cereal – it’s not all bad!

Rosemary talks about the importance of cereals.