Rosemary Conley’s dogs have always played a very important part in her life. Here she introduces you to three very special friends who you will see appearing in some of her videos – BB, Sky and Waise. Sadly, they are no longer with us but they continue to delight us in these films.

Introducing Rosemary Conley’s Dogs

I love dogs! Here I explain the dogs featured in this fun part of the website.

Let sleeping dogs lie!

Waise has a snooze on the TV studio sofa

Dog Fall Blooper!

One of those moments in the middle of filming a serious piece-to-camera… and yet again the dog upstages the presenter!

Waise exercising

Whippet-lurcher cross Waise (pronounced viser) usually came into the offices every day and took part in whatever was going on – here she is seen both in the TV studio, galloping around the building and assisting Rosemary with some press-ups.