Rosemary Conley’s Favourite Charities

In this section learn about some of Rosemary Conley’s favourite charities, focussing on those smaller charities of which she is Patron.

Steps Conductive Education Centre logo

STEPS Conductive Education Centre

Rosemary is Patron of STEPS

Steps is a Conductive Education Centre which provides specialist nursery services and support to children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and other motor disorders and their families, enabling them to lead fuller, more active lives.

Steps Introduction

Rosemary explains the background to the charity Steps and introduces the challenges and exciting journey Steps has encountered over the years.

What Steps Does

To understand what an amazing service Steps provides please watch this short film.

Steps BBC Children in Need 2020

BBC Children in Need have been a tremendous supporter of Steps over the years. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Steps fundraising activities and events had to stop and the Conductive Education sessions had to go online. Thankfully, BBC Children in Need gave Steps an extra grant to help enable them to buy the necessary equipment to be able to continue their valuable work remotely.

STEPS Fundraiser 2011

This video was created by a film-maker at Central ITV who played a vital role in helping us to spread the word that Steps charity was desperate for funds!

STEPS makeover – 23rd May 2007

Day 3 of the makeover.

STEPS makeover – 25th May 2007

Steps makeover – Day 5 – Progress so far!

STEPS makeover – 28th May 2007

Steps makeover – The start of Week 2 and appeals for help!

STEPS makeover – 29th May 2007

Steps Makeover – Week two – deadline Friday!

STEPS makeover – 1st June 2007

The big reveal! Day 12. Celebrations and transformations after the tremendous efforts of local trades folk who gave their goods and services, hours and hours of time and energy to support Steps.

STEPS makeover Part II – 15th October 2007

ITV Central launch a second makeover at Steps Centre to upgrade the school room and create a sensory garden from some waste ground at the school.

STEPS makeover Part II – 26th October 2007

ITV Central capture the excitement as local companies complete the second makeover at Steps Centre in 2007. An amazing 130 companies donated an astonishing £500,000’s worth of goods and services to completely renovate The Old School in Shepshed to become a beautiful Centre for the children and families who attend Steps.

STEPS – 24th June 2009

ITV Central News revisit Steps two years after the makeover in 2007 when 130 companies gave over £500,000’s worth of goods and services to transform the Steps Centre in Shepshed.

Logo with wording Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise Leicestershire

Rosemary is the President of Young Enterprise Leicestershire

This business and enterprise education charity assists around 225,000 young people every year to learn about business and the world of work in the classroom under the guidance of a network of 5000 volunteers from 3500 companies.

Logo featuring an apple and the wording Fare Share fighting hunger tackling food waste

FareShare East Midlands

Rosemary is Patron of FareShare East Midlands

FareShare East Midlands redistributes surplus food to charities and community groups in Leicester, Leicestershire and the East Midlands, providing a lifeline to over 2000 people living in the community.

Logo with wording The Laura Centre

The Laura Centre

Rosemary is Patron of The Laura Centre

Opened by the bereavement charity COPE in 1991, The Laura Centre offers specialist bereavement counselling to parents whose child has died and to children or young people who have been bereaved of a parent or significant person.

Ripple Effect

(Formerly Send A Cow)

Rosemary is Patron of Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect started as a development charity working with poor African farmers to promote self-sufficiency. Origionally known as Send A Cow, they did just that – sent cows to farms in Africa. More recently they have worked to bring smallholder farmers together to learn new skills and share knowledge. They help farmers to improve their livelihoods and thrive so they can  feed their families nutritious food, and also grow a surplus to sell so they can invest in their farms, send their children to school and build sustainable agri-businesses.

Mike’s Christmas Present 2019

If you’re struggling to know what to buy a loved one at Christmas or for a birthday, why not consider supporting Send a Cow by buying an animal in Africa that will transform the lives of those less fortunate?

Logo with wording Send A Cow

Living Below The Line

Several years ago, the charity Send-a-Cow set us a challenge to live ‘Below the Line’ on £1 a day for two days – typically the daily budget for an adult living in rural Africa. Filmed on my phone, this is how I started to create my first day’s menu, (with an unexpected visit from my lurcher, Waise, mid-way!).

Later I cooked my main meal using lots of vegetables and a little rice. I managed to use each tea bag six times and my cheapest source of protein was my pint of milk – which made me realise how very valuable it would be for an African family to have their own cow. Living on £1 a day

Adullam Homes

Rosemary is Patron of Adullam Homes

Adullam Homes works with some of the most vulnerable and excluded people in society and supports homeless people, young people leaving care, ex-offenders, people living with HIV/AIDs, domestic violence victims, vulnerable mothers and their children, recovering drug and alcohol addicts, those living with mental health problems and young men involved in gun and gang culture.

Logo with the wording Adullam unlocking potential transforming lives

Rosemary actively supports numerous other charities and community organisations however she regrets that she is unable to accept any further invitations to become Patron due to time constraints.