Warm-up and Stretches


Warm-up for exercise and mobilise your joints so your muscles will be ready to exercise safely and more effectively.

Stretching your muscles is always important both before and after exercise to increase your flexibility and improve the range of movement around your joints.

Warm-up for Exercise

Follow this warm up from fitness expert Mary Morris before your workout. By warming up your muscles and mobilising your joints you will be able to exercise safely and more effectively.

Seated Warm-up for Exercise

Warming up before any workout is really important. Follow this warm-up session before the other seated workouts in this section. If you are very new to exercise you may find this workout is enough for you initially. By starting with this programme you can help your body become familiar with the moves in a gentle fashion whilst mobilising the joints.

Post Walk Stretches

Mary Morris demonstrates the stretches to be used when returning from the recommended daily walk. Equally useful after any exercise, it is always important to stretch out your muscles.

Whole Body Stretch Programme

Fitness Expert Mary Morris demonstrates a relaxing stretch programme for the whole body to maximise mobility and relax our muscles.