The 28-Day Immunity Plan – Food


The 28-Day Immunity Plan Food explains the book’s Eating Plan in greater detail and illustrates some of the foods to eat to help boost your immunity.

The 28-Day Immunity Plan is a vital diet and fitness plan to boost your resilience, protect your health and get you fitter, healthier and happier. You can find many of the recipes from the book in our Recipe section by clicking here.

The 28-Day Immunity Eating Plan

With no calorie counting and unlimited vegetables, the pick ‘n’ mix style of this eating plan makes it easy to follow. It can be very effective in aiding weight loss and boosting immunity, but, beware of snacks!

Easy guide to immunity boosting foods

Understanding which foods are good for your gut and support your immune system and boost your health.

The important role of vegetables

Vegetables play a vital role in boosting our immune system and helping us to have a healthy gut. Consequently, they are unlimited on The 28-Day Immunity Plan. They play a valuable role in filling you up and preventing hunger pangs so will help you lose weight and avoid snacking.

Fibre-rich foods

Fibre is vitally important for our gut health and boosts our immune system. Here we discuss a selection of fibre-rich foods. They also aid weight loss.

Live yogurt and kefir

Rosemary talks about the health benefits of including natural live yogurt and kefir into your diet. Kefir is a fermented milk drink similar to a thin yogurt, which can be used as it is or by adding a spoonful or two to other products.

Why soups are super healthy

Soups are especially good for us as they keep us feeling fuller for longer. As a result, they can help us lose weight but they do much more than that.

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