Slimming and Weight Loss


Slimming and weight loss, and helping people to get fitter, healthier and happier, has been my world for over 50 years.

The one thing I’ve learnt is that there is no quick fix. We didn’t gain our excess weight overnight and we won’t lose it overnight either. It takes effort and determination to commit to eating less and moving more.

Here are some very good reasons for making changes plus some helpful tips to help you on your journey.

How to Lose Weight

Here Rosemary explains how we lose weight and how we can speed up our weight-loss.

Speed up your Weight-Loss with Exercise!

Success breeds success. As well as the health benefits of exercise, Rosemary explains that you will also drastically speed up your rate of weight loss if you exercise regularly.

When the Going gets Tough…

Hitting a plateau? Do the scales seem to have stuck? Rosemary explains how sometimes we slip back to some of our old habits of guessing portion size, nibbling when we feel peckish – and how we can get back on track and get the scales moving again.

BMI (Body Mass Index) Explained

Rosemary asks fitness supremo Mary Morris to explain in simple terms the implications of our BMI and why being more active as we get older is beneficial to our weight and long term happiness.

Motivation to Lose Weight

Struggling to find the will? Here’s a few things to think about…

Finding Your Motivation to Lose Weight

Motivation is the key to success to losing weight. Here Rosemary explains how to motivate yourself to be the best you can be.

Health Risks of Obesity

Why should we aim to be a healthy weight? What are the health risks if we aren’t? Is it ever too late to start? Rosemary explains how we can transform our lives no matter what our age.

Your Metabolic Age can be a Real Motivation to Lose Weight!

Rosemary noticed that her PA, Peter Legg was piling on the lbs but felt helpless as she couldn’t say anything. Enjoy the story of how Peter found his motivation to lose 21 lbs after his weight soared to an all-time high during lockdown.

I used to be overweight!

Rosemary Conley overweight? Well I was, by 2½ stone many years ago, which is where I found the motivation to write my first diet.

In 2013, I decided it would be interesting to put on a fat suit and experience what it must feel like to be seriously overweight. With a facial prothesis created by the Beauty Department of Leicester College, a ‘Little Britain’ fat suit taped around me and wearing a 20lb ‘fat jacket’ I walked around town. What shocked me was how I felt. By just wearing the costume, I found myself adopting the persona of someone who was significantly overweight and it taught me a very important lesson.

Next steps

If you have some excess weight to lose we have some resources to help you. You can find lots of low-fat calorie controlled tasty meals on our Recipes page, and plenty of calorie-burning workouts in our Exercise section.

We also have two book recommendations.

The 28-Day Immunity Plan

The 28-Day Immunity Plan will help you to transform your health, fitness and wellbeing. This immunity boosting 28 day programme introduces you to eating healthily with some fabulous easy-to-cook recipes and a progressive fitness programme. With no calorie counting, but also no snacking, the effect of this eating plan and fitness programme will amaze you. In trials, volunteers lost an average of 10lbs in 28 days and transformed their fitness and sense of wellbeing. Many of the recipes and all the exercise workouts are available on this website to use alongside the book.

The 3-2-1 Diet

The 3-2-1 Diet – three steps to a slimmer, fitter you! But what kind of dieter are you? Are you a Grazer, constantly nibbling throughout the day? Are you a Feaster, self controlled betweeen meals but unable to stop once you’ve started eating? Or are you a Comfort Eater, turning to you favourite foods when lonely, bored or just wanting to feel better?

Whether you are a Grazer, a Feaster or a Comfort Eater, this book will help you lose weight with an eating plan designed especially to suit the way you eat! The book is packed full of recipes, meal plans and an easy-to-follow regime.

The 3-2-1 Diet combines “light” eating days with “normal” eating days when you can eat and drink what you like. Including alcohol and treats! Here’s how it works.

  • Week One – 3 light days and 4 normal days of eating
  • Week Two onwards – 2 light days and 5 normal days
  • Staying Slim – 1 light day and 6 normal eating days

Just follow the plan that best suits the way you eat.

With information for those on a gluten free or lactose free diet, recipes, exercises, tips for dining out and much, much more! Losing weight has never been so easy.

Both books are available from our online shop

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