The 28-Day Immunity Plan Introduction

The 28-Day Immunity Plan introduction tells you about an eating and exercise plan which will help you to transform your health, fitness and wellbeing. This immunity boosting 28 day programme introduces you to eating healthily with some fabulous easy-to-cook recipes and a progressive fitness programme. With no calorie counting, but also no snacking, the effect of this eating plan and fitness programme will amaze you. In trials, volunteers lost an average of 10lbs in 28 days and transformed their fitness and sense of wellbeing.

The 28-Day Immunity Plan is a vital diet and fitness plan to boost your resilience, protect your health and get you fitter, healthier and happier. It was originally created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, first as an eBook and then published as a paperback by Penguin. To support the book the videos in this section explain about the Plan and some of the theory behind it. It also contains all the exercise workouts found in the book so you can do them at home in real time alongside exercise choreographer, Mary Morris MSc.

Get fighting fit at home in less than a month with this simple, effective plan designed to boost your body’s natural defences, help you get in shape and increase your chances of living a longer, happier life