Haemorrhoids, also known as Piles, are lumps inside and around your bottom (anus).

They can be itchy and/or uncomfortable but they often get better on their own after a few days. If they don’t there are a number of things you can do to treat and prevent piles.

Haemorrhoids (Piles)

Rosemary explains the discomfort of experiencing haemorrhoids and her experience of how best to ease the symptoms.

Symptoms of Haemorrhoids (Piles) include:

  • bright red blood after you poo
  • an itchy anus
  • feeling like you still need to poo after going to the toilet
  • mucus in your underwear or on toilet paper after wiping your bottom
  • lumps around your anus
  • pain around your anus

If you have Haemorrhoids things you can do to help include:

  • drink lots of fluid and eat plenty of fibre to keep your poo soft

  • wipe your bottom with damp toilet paper

  • take paracetamol if piles hurt

  • take a warm bath to ease itching and pain

  • use an ice pack wrapped in a towel to ease discomfort

  • gently push a pile back inside

  • keep your bottom clean and dry

  • exercise regularly

  • cut down on alcohol and caffeine (like tea, coffee and cola) to avoid constipation

Things not to do:

  • do not wipe your bottom too hard after you poo

  • do not ignore the urge to poo

  • do not push too hard when pooing

  • do not take painkillers that contain codeine, as they can cause constipation

  • do not take ibuprofen if your piles are bleeding

  • do not spend more time than you need to on the toilet

If you have Haemorrhoids talk to a phramacist about treatment at home and see your GP if things don’t improve. You can find further information on the NHS website.