Balance Exercises


Balance exercises can help you improve your ability to balance, and remain on our feet on different kinds of terrain. This essential life-skill can become more difficult to control as we age. Fortunately, with practise, we can re-train ourselves to increase our ability to balance. We can also learn techniques for safely getting down onto, and up off, the floor.

Getting safely on and off the Floor

Many people are nervous about exercising on the floor but here Mary explains, and Rosemary demonstrates, how to easily get onto the floor and how we can confidently help ourselves up again.

Getting Up After a Fall

Falling can be a frightening experience for anyone and for some, picking ourselves up off the floor can be difficult. Here Mary and Rosemary demonstrate a safe and effective way to get up again. This technique is well worth teaching our elderly relatives too.

Balance Exercises

As we age our ability to balance reduces which puts us at greater risk of falling. Here Mary teaches Rosemary a sequence of exercises that develop the ability to balance. Learn how to train yourself to be able to balance better.

To skip to a particular exercise use the chapter markers on the video timeline.

  1. Postural Sway
  2. Posture Test
  3. Cossack Stand
  4. Side Reach
  5. Forward Balance
  6. High Wire (Heel to Toe) Walk
  7. Using a Balance Cushion
  8. Front-of-Thigh Stretch Balance