Reasons to Exercise


Reasons to exercise for older people include health, fitness and mobility. See why you should be making the effort.

Exercising regularly is critical  to our health as we get older. As we naturally slow down and find we are moving less in our day to day lives there are even greater reasons to make the effort to tone up, slim down and strengthen our bodies to keep us living longer, healthier and happier.

Reasons to Exercise When Older

Being fit helps us stay well and to enjoy life. It helps us to stay independent – and it is never too late to start! Exercise is good for the brain as well as our health and fitness!

Why Medically Posture is so Important

Neuro-physiotherapist JD Hylton demonstrates what happens to our spine when our posture deteriorates with age – and why it is vital that we make the effort toward correcting it!

Ageing and Activity

Fitness expert Mary Morris and Rosemary discuss the importance of activity as we grow older and why keeping a positive attitude is vital to feeling young.

So why bother Exercising?

Rosemary asks Mary Morris MSc., choreographer of the exercise routines on this site, why exercising is even more important as we age. Mary explains that, no matter at what age you start, the benefits are swift and remarkable.