The 28-Day Immunity Plan – Exercise


The 28-Day Immunity Plan Exercise shows you how to correctly do the workouts mentioned in the book for each week. Exercise is immunity’s best friend!

The 28-Day Immunity Plan is a vital diet and fitness plan to boost your resilience, protect your health and get you fitter, healthier and happier. It was originally created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Why Exercise is Crucial to our Immunity

Whether you are young or old, we all progress our fitness when we exercise regularly. Very importantly, exercise plays a crucial role in boosting our immunity.

DIY Fitness Test

Testing our fitness is a great way to check our strength, suppleness and stamina. Here, fitness expert Mary Morris demonstrates the fitness tests included in The 28-Day Immunity Plan book which check how we measure up against the scientific norms for our age. To view the expected results by age range please click here.

To skip to a particular test use the markers on the video timer.

Immunity Plan Workout – Week 1

If you are new to exercise and want to increase your strength, mobility and balance, these Week 1 exercises introduce you to some simple moves that offer great benefit. (You will need two bottles of water or light weights, plus a sturdy dining chair.)

Immunity Plan Workout – Week 2

Work out with Mary as you progress your strength workout. If you are unhappy about exercising on the floor, you can do the floor exercises lying on your bed. (You will need two bottles of water or two small weights plus a sturdy dining chair for this workout.)

Immunity Plan Workout – Week 3

In this highly effective workout Mary is taking the strength programme to the next level now that your muscles are stronger. (You will need a sturdy dining chair and a couple of heavier hand weights (if possible) or large bottles of water to act as a weight.)

Immunity Plan Workout – Week 4

In this fourth week of the Immunity Plan programme, Mary encourages you to work your muscles harder to achieve even great strength and fitness. If this is too challenging, continue with week three and progress to week four when you feel able. (You will need a 2 x 2kg weights or large bottles of water as a weights.)

Advanced Whole Body Strength Programme

Featured in The 28-Day Immunity Plan as ‘Moving on to Greater Fitness’, this advanced workout from Mary Morris maintains your muscle strength once you have completed the four week Immunity Plan programme. If you are already fit, it gives you a challenging whole body strength workout that can be done 3 -4 times a week so your body stays strong.

Post Workout or Walk Stretches

Whether you’ve been for a walk or just finished a workout, it is always important to stretch out afterwards. Here Mary Morris demonstrates the key stretches to help your muscles recover and to aid flexibility after your daily walk .

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