Suffering a stroke can be a frightening experience. In this inspiring section health professionals explain how it can occur, what can be done to help prevent it happening and what can be done to improve outcomes.


Stroke Explained

This video offers a fascinating explanation of what happens and how can we help prevent it happening. Physiotherapist Judith Pitt-Brooke explains the vital benefits of walking and strength exercises.

Stroke, Causes and Avoidance

Neuro-Physiotherapist JD Hylton explains what causes a stroke and what can be done to help to cope with life after suffering one. Plus how we can help ourselves avoid suffering this life-changing condition.

Stroke – Rehabilitation & Restoration

In this video, physio Judith Pitt-Brooke explains how neuro-physiotherapy can make a big difference in building confidence and helping to develop restoration of movement.

Positive Attitude. The Key to Success!

Be inspired as Rosemary asks JD Hylton about some of his greatest successes helping neuro-patients benefitting from physiotherapy treatments, and how a ‘can-do’ attitude can transform our lives.

Meet Physiotherapist Judith Pitt-Brooke

Rosemary asks Judith about her distinguished 40 year career as a physiotherapist and her passion for exercise and activity. Judith explains why she is so passionate about teaching injury prevention, particularly in the older generation.

Meet Neuro-Physiotherapist JD Hylton

Rosemary asks JD about his fascinating career-path to becoming a Neuro-Physiotherapist and a Personal Trainer at a specialist rehabilitation gym called Bridge4.