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Reshape your whole body in just 10 minutes a day in the comfort of your own home with the Rosemary Conley Toning Band.

As seen on BBC1’s “The Truth About Getting Fit At Home”

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A Toning Band, also known as a resistance band, is a large elastic band that you can use to exercise all areas of the body. They can be good for people with limited mobility, as many of the exercises can be done while seated.

Exercising with a toning band can help improve your strength and flexibility. Strength activities make your muscles stronger while flexibility exercises stretch them, making everyday activities easier.

You can reshape your whole body in just 10 minutes a day with a regular workout session. You can workout in the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, the band is small and light and can easily be carried whilst away from home. The band is 15cm wide and 1.5 metres in length.

This toning band will strengthen your muscles as well as tone-up your body.  Whether it’s to give your arms, your abs or your whole body a workout, this resistance band is just what is needed, no matter what your age or fitness level. It is light and portable and easy to use anywhere. Working out with a toning band has been proven to be just as effective as working out with weights.

The band is made from 100% latex so is unsuitable for those with a latex intolerance.

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