Motivation to Lose Weight

Finding the motivation to lose weight can be a challenge. Here’s some really good reasons you might want to make the effort.

Being a healthy weight is so important in enabling us to live longer, healthier and happier. But how do we achieve and maintain a healthy weight?

Finding Your Motivation to Lose Weight

Motivation is the key to success to losing weight. Here Rosemary explains how to motivate yourself to be the best you can be.

How to Lose Weight

Here Rosemary explains how we lose weight and how we can speed up our weight-loss.

Your Metabolic Age can be a Real Motivation to Lose Weight!

Rosemary noticed that her PA, Peter Legg was piling on the lbs but felt helpless as she couldn’t say anything. Enjoy the story of how Peter found his motivation to lose 21 lbs after his weight soared to an all-time high during lockdown.

Speed up your Weight-Loss with Exercise!

Success breeds success. As well as the health benefits of exercise, Rosemary explains that you will also drastically speed up your rate of weight loss if you exercise regularly.

When the Going gets Tough…

Hitting a plateau? Do the scales seem to have stuck? Rosemary explains how sometimes we slip back to some of our old habits of guessing portion size, nibbling when we feel peckish – and how we can get back on track and get the scales moving again.

Health Risks of Obesity

Why should we aim to be a healthy weight? What are the health risks if we aren’t? Is it ever too late to start? Rosemary explains how we can transform our lives no matter what our age.

BMI (Body Mass Index) Explained

Rosemary asks fitness supremo Mary Morris to explain in simple terms the implications of our BMI and why being more active as we get older is beneficial to our weight and long term happiness.

Eat Healthily Forever

We all want to live longer and looking after our health and nutrition is fundamental to our success.