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The Two-Week Autumn Challenge

This Challenge runs for two weeks to set you the goal of boosting your health and fitness so you can lose a few lbs if you need to and increase your fitness to re-energise you.

We all need a goal to motivate us to make an extra effort if we are to shift those holiday pounds and to boost our fitness levels. This is it! And it is much more motivating when we know lots of other people are doing it too! Why not get your other half or your best friend to join in? You have nothing to lose but a few lbs and inches and everything to gain – your fitness and youth!


Write down what you eat, as you eat it, on the Food & Drink Record Sheet. Click here to download it.

  • Eat 3 meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Avoid all snacking between meals – no biscuits, cakes, crisps, chocolate, etc!
  • Watch your portion size. Use your Portion Pots® if you have them, if not, weigh your portions of rice, cereal, pasta etc. Use the chart below to gauge the correct portion size of lots of common foods.
  • Eat high fibre foods: wholegrain bread; new potatoes with skins or sweet potatoes; basmati rice; pasta; wholegrain cereal; vegetables and salad. They will keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  • Minimise your alcohol consumption and have at least three dry days each week. Your body sees alcohol as poison and has to work really hard to get rid of it. Give your body a holiday!
  • Select foods low in fat and sugar – they just add unnecessary calories and fat.
  • Drink plenty of low-cal drinks – water, low-sugar squash, tea – hydration is key to your success!
  • Each day allow yourself 300ml (half a pint) semi-skimmed milk (or plant-based alternative) plus 150ml live yogurt.
  • Salad and vegetables (excluding potatoes) are unlimited. These, together with your other high-fibre foods and the live yogurt, work wonders on your gut which will help you to feel healthier and not so hungry.
  • Restrict fruit to no more than two pieces a day because of its sugar content.


Write down all the activity you do on the Activity Record Sheet. Click here to download it.

Begin by downloading, printing and displaying your Activity Record in a place where you will see it regularly throughout your day.  Record ALL your activities including your total step count – this means every physical activity you do – walking, strength workouts, following any of our videos on the website as well as how many Active 10s you achieve. (Active 10 is an NHS app you can download to your smartphone. Find out more here.)

  • Do the DIY Fitness Test on the website and write down your results on the back of your activity sheet.
  • Walk every day for the entire 2 weeks.  No excuses… just do it. Try to do a minimum of 30 minutes – longer if you can – but try to add some extra ‘umph’ to your pace as you are on a special Challenge!
  • Select 3 different Strength Workouts for Week 1 and then 3 different ones for Week 2. Choose from: Standing Band Workout, Floor Band Workout, Standing Weights Workout, Floor Weights Workout, Advanced Whole Body Strength ProgrammePilates, Ballet or Balance ExercisesRinging the changes like this will increase your motivation. Have a look around the website and choose in advance which ones you are going to try.
  • A top tip is to write them down in advance on your Activity Record Sheet and tick them off as you complete them!

It is a fact that writing down everything we eat and drink and what activity we do increases our chances of success dramatically. Keep your record sheets so that you can refer back to them in the future when you want to repeat the Challenge.

So good luck everyone! Mary and I wish you every success as you launch into your Two-Week Autumn Challenge and be assured we will be joining in with you. Make all the preparations necessary to start with real determination and with a strong commitment for the full 2 weeks.  It is good to know that there will be lots of you doing it at the same time and do let us know how you get on. We love to get feedback from you!

Let’s all get fitter, trimmer and healthier this September.

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